December 6th, 2005

baby pony

they're playing our song..

tarfest opening, 2005

i want to go to more art openings..
there's such a dynamic quality to these events...
almost as if they're art installations themselves.

the dance begins. the boys go to one side of the gym, the girls the other. you jockey for space in front of that piece that everyone's talking about. you see a huddled mass of chic clothes and designer handbags (the popular crowd), discussing their next destination. invariably a loner will enter the mix, sucking down a cheap glass of boxed wine, always waiting..but, never getting asked to dance.

and then there's the lovable oddball on the far left..the only person brave enough to actually study a piece of artwork (gulp, mine) or maybe he's summoning the courage to ask that special someone for the last slow dance..