January 11th, 2006

baby pony


just spent the better part of an hour on the phone with my web hosting/domain registration people. let's see, i talked with jenny, then dibti, then robert, who then transferred me to...what was his name? oh let's just call him rico (suave), who then directed me to john.

my website was completely down and nobody, but nobody could give me any answers.

and then a little cyber fairy waved her magic wand and made everything right with the world. john said it may have been a temporary glitch with the servers. i think someone took a nap and accidentally hit the power off button..
baby pony

dee dee deeeee (doin' the happy dance)

so, my guy just wrote and asked me on a date to go to clifton's cafeteria in downtown L.A. for breakfast sometime this weekend..aaaaaaaaaand poke around the set of 'dreamgirls.' i'll TRY not to squeal when i lay my eyes on the wardrobe racks..