January 13th, 2006

baby pony

friday the what?

holy crapolee.

it's friday the 13th? i didn't even realize until i perused the super buttery eunice parsons calendar (one of 25 in circulation, i might add. boast boast) that cary doucette sent my way. not to mention a most spectacular original collage postcard by cary himself. (i promise, weather permitting, i'll take proper digipix and post tomorrow to share) i'd say that's one lucky friday the 13th..

oo. 'cept for the nightmare i had last night...chuckie got pregnant. that's disturbing on soooooooo many levels..
is it art?

ad, subtract

i finally figured out how to play and record a god damned video tape (yeeeeeees. i have become my mother) anyway, after salvaging a copy of the 1989 world basketball championship playoff in our library's free box, i decided to watch it tonight in search of cheesy vintage commercials. damn whoever taped it, cuz they dutifully deleted all things nostalgic. no folgers commericials, no local news breaks with aqua net hairdos, not even one hamburger helper ad. so, i proceeded to tape our TiVO'd pbs broadcast special on 20th century art in its place for my best bud kimmy. (damn TiVO and their lack of ads..the cycle continues)