January 15th, 2006

is it art?

high and loooooow art

today started like any other. i woke up, saw the sky through the lattice in our atrium and hoped for the best..

chuckie and i went on a long over due date. my favorite kind, in case you're wondering..one involving light preparation, minimal fiscal exchange, and full of uncertainty, hopes and wonderment.

we first landed at clifton's cafeteria in middle downtown los angeles, a restaurant full of history, good food, and eye candy. i had my fill of palm sized portions of beets, mushroom medley salad, peas with butter, mashed potatoes with brown gravy and pineapple. probably my last meal of choice on death row, for the record.

afterward, we ventured toward our car, meandering through shop fronts and taking in the sights and sounds of urban life. we stopped at the bradbury building, one of chuck's fav's,..to soak up some buttery architectural detail, and then i held chuck's camera case like mittens as he took digital pix of anthony quinn muralled on a nearby high rise.

finally, we headed to the geffen contemporary to take in the latest show, entitled 'ecstasy', an exhibition about altered states...when all of a sudden i felt a gurgle. not a hunger gurgle. let's just say i was suffering from a severe case of the......o.k. it rhymes with...'the hurts' (and most aptly so)

imagine my discomfort as i rushed to all those wearing black and electornics..

'excuse me...where is the nearest restroom?'

'go through the glass doorways, make a left, go through the loooooooooooong narrow hallway, go through ANOTHER glass doorway, then make another left.......and then you're there,' they repeated back, with robotic accuracy.

i was THiS close to leaving behind my own artwork on the floor, entitled, 'acidic aftermath,' mixed media and digested objects, 2006.

i'm glad to report i'm feeling much better now, and still recommend clifton's as a culinary destination, as i think my problem stemmed from an order out pizza last night. let's just say this place rhymes with 'vamanos'...again, a most appropriate description, as my innards exited in a most expeditious way (30 minutes or less, or your pizza's free)