January 19th, 2006


a few pounds lighter, and a few bucks heavier

just got back from a sweet little cafe in montrose called 'latteria da gino.' gino found out about me through the montrose artwalk (note to self, as painful as it seems sometimes, i DO end up making contacts and sales through that venue) anyway, he just bought 9 of my faces (for a song, i might add) but, hey, i have the pleasure of knowing some of my work is hanging where people can see it, and maybe even enjoy it whilst munching biscotti and slurping gelato . that makes me happy.

kimmy roxy

i threw a few into the mix i wouldn't normally want to sell (one that reminds me SO much of my best friend kimmy and another that looks like the meanest, baddest transvestite...a face so ugly it's beautiful) and wouldn't ya know it, gino wanted them. ah well, at least i can go visit them anytime i want..