January 21st, 2006

is it art?

i grant thee..

just when i think i've narrowed down my entries for the sharpe foundation grant proposal, i make another collage i'd rather throw into the mix. it's getting down to the wire, and i need to focus on finishing my package. although this is a very big long shot, it's one of those opportunities i just can't dismiss...i mean, what IF i had a chance to live in new york for awhile and create a solid body of work. sure, i'll have to figure out where the hell to live and how to pay for it, not to mention the fact i'd be away from chuck, jozee and the turts for what would seem an eternity....but, those are kinks that can be worked out. and if nothing else, i'm building an inventory that can be spread to other venues.

'heap no. 20,' (fat of the land series), mixed media and found objects on altered postcard, 2006

aarp, it's a good thing.

you know you're getting old when you get out of the shower and look forward to putting your wet hair in a turban towel wrap...

because your forehead wrinkles magically disappear.

yes, aging can be a disturbing fact of life (and perhaps my turning 40 this year is the impetus), but part of me is completely o.k. with it. i actually like the fact that i'm going grey. and getting older has made me more comfortable in my own skin..i embrace life more, i don't worry so much about looks, and i appreciate little things that may have gone unnoticed in my younger years. this revelation has only prompted me to go directly to netflix upon hitting 'return' to this post to rent the movie 'in praise of older women,' the first movie (aside from 'the graduate') that introduced me to the notion of mature sexuality. i distinctly remember watching these films without my parent's consent, and by today's standards, they're fairly harmless, but i feel a twinge of guilt, even now, for having those first lustful thoughts during my childhood.

it's at times like this i'm thankful my mom doesn't read my journal..she'd ground me for sure.