February 4th, 2006



it's becoming more apparent...i'm experiencing a shift in thinking that is translating into my artwork. i find it both invigorating and terrifying at the same time. while being sure of myself and my art making process can be a satisfying emotion, complacency quickly fades to boredom, as i become more and more machine like, knowing what to put where and how much.

well, as far as my art making process at the moment, i'm effectively bungee jumping. and it's teaching me all sorts of things about myself...and the world around me....what i glean from other people's art, how my eyes perceive what's truly beautiful in my mind, and how i choose to communicate my view of perfection through my art. it's a very good place to be, as an artist, because i feel as though i'm coming out of a very thick fog...no longer thinking of just myself, my own self promotion, or holing up in the studio and never interacting with other living souls.

baby smith, 'heap no. 27' (fat of the land series), 2006

as for the shift, i'm finding a distinct pleasure in minimal composition. eva lake, a woman for whom i have the utmost respect, referred to the whole notion of 'less is more,' in her feb 2nd diary post. it's become a welcome challenge for me to take the least amount of components possible and arrange them into solid graphic statements. resting space has always been important to me in composition, and now it's evolving to the next step. this is not a change that happens over night, rather a slow progression that marks time with each completed artwork.

'beam' by eva lake

eva's selflessness has had a great impact on me in the last year or so, as i've followed her writings and even had the pleasure of meeting her last fall. if i had one word to describe her, it would be iconoclast. she's got her finger on the pulse of all things art. and not just the portland, oregon scene. no no. this woman has seen the world, lived in new york for 11 years, and has many a story to tell. she's an artist in her own right, director of chambers gallery, and founder of artstar radio. this woman's energy has no bounds. but, i'd have to say the one thing i've learned as a result of meeting her and getting to know her is this...to be successful, in ANY profession, you must see past your own 4 walls and find your own voice by listening and sharing with others.