February 9th, 2006

baby pony


my dad and step mom, having just retired, are spending their winter in the southwest...so, this week was the la crescenta, CA stop. we caught up on a lot, and re-connected emotionally in ways i didn't expect.

i forgot just how sweet my dad can be, and how bev, although rough around the edges, has a heart of gold (and a street smart far exceeding any college education.) i realized again, just how perfect they are for one another, each one picking up the slack where the other falls short.

and i also noticed that certain things won't ever change, no matter how many years we tack on or miles come between us. my dad (although a bit of a crusty old grump without his morning coffee) still manages to hand out the most wonderful hugs...the kind that just happen because he's passing by me in the kitchen, a hall, or a doorway.

yesterday, while visiting the norton simon museum, i noticed dad chit chatting with a security guard as bev and i were contemplating the significance of various undress in renaissance artwork. (why is it that some women's right breasts are revealed while the left still covered??? was this their version of soft porn??? a reference to fertility??? a study of female anatomy???) so, i asked dad later what he and this security guard were talking about...i assumed they were discussing the mechanics of his walkie talkie, or maybe the inner workings of running a successful insurance company...or quite possibly the length of time it took dad to drive from phoenix to la crescenta, which route they took, and of course, how much they paid for gas along the way. but, i was wrong. he had pulled the guard aside to tell him they were visiting from iowa and his daughter was showing him this museum, who also happens to be an artist.

i don't think he could've chosen a sweeter way to say 'becky, i love you and am very proud of you.'