February 11th, 2006

is it art?

processing process.

while working in the studio last night i pondered my thoughts on art making. as i plucked from the pile of ephemera before me, i maneuvered different combinations of colors, shapes, and sizes. sometimes i mutter the phrase, 'now, that's kinda nice.' more often than not, though, i struggle. determined to use a certain piece of scrap for that extra graphic umph, i sometimes get too caught up into what i THiNK will work visually. at this point i clear the slate. like an etchasketch, gone. and then, almost always, i quickly reposition the same parts into a completely different composition, much to my liking. sometimes the mind just needs to reboot.

studio view

these moments are often euphoric. a sense of satisfaction washes over me, as if i just solved a puzzle inside my head. it's as though i just took a shot of whiskey and the sudden rush of warmth hit my belly, giving me a confidence i didn't have 2 minutes before.

work in progress

my process often takes precedence over the actual art object itself. i've gladly purged many artworks, either because i find them pitifully juvenile, or simply don't have the space to store them. but, to me, the greatest satisfaction comes from doing battle with my mind...and winning, (at least for that moment in time) after all, i know i can't plug out pure 'masterpieces' EVERY time. the rest is just practice.

work in progress