February 14th, 2006

buy 1

irrational exuberance..is there such a thing?

whoop dee.
the dow's up today..

i used to start my day watching 'squawk box,' on CNBC while treading on my mill back in pre-california days. now, i walk in the fresh air while listening to 'fresh air' on NPR most days. but, i have to admit, i miss the thrill of watching marie bartiromo on the floor of the new york stock exchange during opening bell every morning. she'd have to yell at the top of her lungs to be heard over all the racket..and staying within camera shot was often a challenge, since frantic traders were always elbowing her and throwing her off balance.

i guess i found it fascinating because it seemed so unabashedly american. it was like peeking into a cage of wild animals scrambling for their next meal. the greed can suck you up and spit you out, and all before a closing bell sends you on your way. but, amidst all the panic and disorder, the stage hosts always seemed strangely sedate.. and funny, too. i remember a segment they used to run when alan greenspan met with the federal reserve. they would sneak a shot of greenspan's briefcase prior to the meeting (while piping in theme music from 'mission impossible'). if it was stuffed with papers they predicted an interest rate hike. not very scientific, but a humorous distraction from all the mayhem.

and that's the american way, too, i guess. we may be greedy as hell, but at least we can laugh at ourselves once in awhile.
baby pony

heart of the matter.

bev just called.

she took my dad to the hospital (in phoenix, where they're currently staying) after my dad's chest pains became no longer bearable. the ekg tests indicated he was having a heart attack (his 2nd). he's in surgery right now. they're putting a stint in to determine where and how bad the blockage is. poor dad.

how twisted..that he had a heart attack on valentine's day.