February 15th, 2006

baby pony

i heart dad.

well, i just got off the phone with pammy (my big sis). she found out dad vomited up old blood last night. i'm no doctor, but that CAN'T be a good thing. the doctors are postponing the angioplasty until they figure out how to solve this new problem.

chuck and i are heading to phoenix this weekend. pammy might even hop on a plane for the first time in her life. i told her, 'nothing like a little trauma to get the whole family together..' and she said, 'yeah, if dad wanted a reunion, he could've just asked.'

i just wanna see him. i just want him to know i love him, even though i know he knows.

thanks for all your well wishes.
that really warmed my heart, more than you'll ever know..