March 1st, 2006


to drug or not to drug..

been feeling under the weather for the past several days..i seem to have acquired a bit of a urinary tract infection. having experienced them before, being doubled over in agony and urinating blood, i never wanted to revisit that painful scenario ever again. so, at the first sign of symptoms i down about a gallon of cranberry juice, and that usually takes care of it.

until now.

i'm almost completely opposed to using antibiotics, as it obliterates ALL bacteria (good and bad) i learned this lesson a few years back and have been paying for it ever since. so, avoiding doctors (and their pharmaceutical pimps) has become a dreaded fact of life for me.

i'm taking cranberry concentrate supplements and loading up on vitamin C, and zinc to boost my immune system...and drinking oceans of water. if my urine turns red, i'm calling my doctor..