March 7th, 2006

voted most improved

feelin' horny..

chuck isn't the type to bring me roses (thank goddess) but, more often than not, he'll bring home a little something. usually pieces of scrap paper, rusted metal, notes he found in library books, etc....things he knows i'll like.

last night he brought me these from the set of 'dreamgirls'..

i wore glasses throughout my childhood, and was never proud of the fact. but, now, for some reason, i feel a sense of contentment, knowing i wore horn rims starting around age 3. as the years passed, and my sense of un-hippness became abundantly clear, the glasses became much less fashionable and more nerdy, which only reinforced my already low self esteem and deepened my disdain for these imposed apparatus glued to my head. (as if having braces, dorky hairstyles and acne weren't enough to push me to the brink of insanity!!!)

to this day, i feel awkward wearing my glasses, even around chuck..i'm left wondering whether i'll ever truly grow up. but, then again, do i really WANT to?