March 26th, 2006

baby pony


the past couple of nights my dreams have been so palpable, it's almost as if i didn't sleep.

one dream started off just like a commercial...a close head shot of a 40-something year old man standing outside. the view pulled back to reveal him standing on a ledge the width of his feet atop a very steep cliff. he was running for some political office and rambling off cliche phrases like, 'i'll go to the EDGE for YOU!...and 'you can trust me, i'll walk the line!' etc.

he then started to walk, then run along this thin rocky ledge. finally, his foot slipped and he toppled, spiraling down the cliff to an almost certain death (imagine the scene in 'titanic' when people were dropping like toothpicks to their watery graves)

amazingly, he harnessed his will to live and guided his body toward a terraced ledge and landed flat on his back. after a pause he screamed in agony,
'i made it...i MADE iT!!!!!! HAHAHAHA i M A D E i T !!!!!!!!!!!!'

the camera crew rushed to his side in disbelief, shocked he had defied death. sadly, the lighting was all wrong and they regretfully told him he would have to do it ALL over again...

to which our politician replied, '...but, that was take T H R E E !!!!!!!!!'