May 2nd, 2006

baby boo

sticks and stones.

me, chuck and jozee, 2006
photo by chris morrow

just dropped jozee the pooch off at the vet. she's getting 2 gargantuan kidney stones removed today. let's just say she's been truly living up to her nickname lately: pee bucket.

poor, sweet thing.
i hope she lives to be a million..

just found out jozee's out of surgery...she's already sitting up on her own-and probably begging for treats!

why can't i?

why can't i?
-baby smith

a voice is speaking to me deep inside, saying,
“why can’t i just be,
why can’t i just be?”

why can’t i stop wondering what people think,
whether i’m too fat,
too thin,
too short,
too small?

why can’t i just relax and let things flow..
shed my fears and let things go?

why do i worry about what i earn,
whether i have kids,
if i’m married, single,
or have too much to learn?

why can’t i just be?
why can’t i just be?

why can’t i stop thinking of things in the past,
move forward..
bring myself to live exactly where i am, at last?

why can’t i just be?
why can’t i just be?

will this voice never stop?
will i never be calm?
will i ever see what is before me, right here, just now..
not question or second guess or simply freak out?

why can’t i just finish this thought?
why can’t i..