May 30th, 2006

baby pony

damn it jim...i'm an artist, not a gambler!!

i'm both thrilled and petrified to be a participant in the upcoming exhibition art world poker..

you see, i know very little about poker. very few of my friends know about poker. but, i'm training myself (via ipoker and other sources) so i can at least have this opportunity. the idea is to compete against your fellow group show artists for a solo show. sort of a survival of the fittest artist, if you will.

flops, pre-flops, posting blinds, pocket cards, turn cards, river cards, burning cards, community cards, high cards, kickers, bidding, checking, calling, raising, folding, showdowns, flushes, straights, pairs, trips, full houses, aces high and low....... (imagine me holding my head and spinning around in a state of sheer panic on the verge of soiling myself) the logistics and terminology can be a bit mind bending, especially for someone like me...who used to retreat to watch prime-time TV when my ex-husband hosted multiple poker games back in the day.

it's weird...i'm completely stressing out about something that'll probably turn out to be a lot of fun. but, *sigh*... i can't help it. i'm afraid of looking like a stupid head. well, i guess i'll just have to bluff my way through..

(p.s. word has it there are still a few slots available if you're living in the los angeles area.....go here for more details)