June 5th, 2006

is it art?

over easy art

baby smith
'heap no. 69' (fat of the land series)
mixed media and found objects on altered book cover

it's been hotter 'n a monkey's butt around here, which makes it difficult to move...and even harder to concentrate on making art things. one of my latest projects involves spray painting found cardboard books out in the sun, and the paint literally sizzles in the heat. at least it's a dry heat.

i'm gearing up to send artwork for a group show in portland at 12x16 gallery...i feel bad i won't be able to make the opening in july, but they're kinda-sorta dangling a solo show in front of me, soooooooo.....a trip to p-town just might happen sooner or later.

and i'm hoping the poker goddesses above will be looking down on me for the first round of tourney play in 2 weeks for the art world poker exhibition. i asked our trusty 8-ball (that chuck kiped from a movie set after the director threw it at someone!) if i would win the solo show prize....'don't count on it,' it said. shake shake shake. so, i asked if anything good would come out of the whole experience...'better not tell you now.'

i now know why the director threw it in the first place..