June 9th, 2006


getcher tweezers out..

upon receiving an open call for this year's tarfest, i noticed one of the categories is now 'low brow.' weird, considering i never really understood this hipper than hip california craze until reading this article just a few short days ago, per coagula's request. call me old fashioned, but doesn't 'low brow' suggest negative connotations?

whatever. i just make god damned art things. i'm tired of being lumped into this or that category. the whole L.A. 'hipper than thou' attitude just makes me feel like ugly becky back in 7th grade...full of pimples and void of self confidence. *sigh*

i propose a new category...

'just wanna speak from my gut, not follow trends, and lay my soul on the line'

too wordy, huh?