June 13th, 2006


poker...no....POKE her!!!!!

took this the other night at the art world poker opening..

yes. it's homework. and yeeeeeeeess. i'm having at least 2, maybe 3 shits a day worrying the fuck about it. i figure this is as close to anything like boot camp i'll ever experience, only i won't have to shave my head and give anybody 10 push-ups on command.

and what the fuck does 'kill = wall space mean'???? uuhhhh, should i bring a loaded pistol or something???

thanks to everyone who came out, or even THOUGHT of coming out to the opening for me...my insides are still so goobly, really. if you wanna have a laugh and watch me attempt to compete in this game....gulp....it's open to the public. we'll be playing at i-5, and the game starts at 4pm, this sunday.

good news is...i spoke with one of the other participating artists at the opening and he had NO clue how to play texas hold 'em. hmmmm. could've been THE biggest bluff of this whole competition. we shall see..