June 20th, 2006

baby pony


i chased the river last night and got a straight...and won a HUUUGE amount of pot.

read what you will into that..
is it art?

dawn of a new series.

baby smith
'fragment no. 1.0' (abridged series)
mixed media and altered book on board

although i haven't abandoned my 'fat of the land' series, it feels nice to switch gears a bit and move into another challenge. this piece may seem like a real departure, but, it isn't really. when you think about it, it's basically just 24 separate collages assembled as one. i dismantled a murder mystery novel, page by page (elliot roosevelt's 'white house pantry murder'....and yes, the novelist was fdr's son) and slowly began to reconstruct, leaving only nibbles of information in the piece...taking the 'mystery' one step further. i decided not to read the novel, as it might sway my choice of what to reveal and keep hidden from view.