June 26th, 2006

baby pony

friend or foe?

i'm always slightly amused when i notice someone's dropped me from their Lj 'friends list'...i mean really, what is this...junior high? i'll admit i haven't the time or the patience to take in everybody's blog everyday. in fact, i breeze right past some (especially the wordy or blatantly, over the top self-indulgent ones), and i'm sure i'm not alone in this. we have our own lives, our own agendas, and life is just too damn short to be stuck in front of a 'puter 24/7.

and maybe my issue is with the term 'friend.' no matter how bad my brain hurts to read or even scroll past certain blogs, i can't bring myself to purge or delete massive amounts of blogs on my list...why? because they have that 'pull at your heart strings' word attached to it. if this was my 'blog roll' list or something more non emotive, like 'froggin bloggin schtoggin' list, i might not give it a second thought.

really, what it all comes down to is....i just wanna play nice with the other kids and do my best not to get pantsed.