June 28th, 2006


urban markings

artwork by alexander stevenson

i've been meaning to link to a very intriguing artist brought to my attention via karen d'amico, whom i e-met through carol es. his name is alexander stevenson (based in england, like karen). he archives societal discards and often times fills in the gaps by fixing them visually with great care, much like an archeologist mending bones buried by years of time and neglect. the images are so familiar to me....it's my day's work in many respects...canvassing the landscape for clues, wondering how certain things got where they did and who and how many people touched them before. (i know what you're thinking...WASH YOUR HANDS BABY!) but, this kind of excavation is so fascinating to me, the uncovering of 'artifacts' as stevenson puts it..

samples from his archive