July 5th, 2006


cran it.

fresh lemonade (made from a lemon just found on my walk and still warmed by the sun), served in a wine glass with a splash of cranberry juice just has a way of hitting all the right spots. and yes, i almost hate to say this.....but, vodka would ruin it.
baby boo

dog gone it!

poor ken. he won't be anyone's bitch on earth, but, if there's a hell, he may just wish his heart would've ticked a bit longer..

devil: 'yo....ken......bend over and get that smoldering piece of moulten lava rock!!!!!'

i'm pretty sure dog's can't commit corporate fraud....but, today's breaking story had me wondering whether dogs can die of heart attacks? never heard of such a thing...but, if they can die by cancer, kidney failure and the like, why not? i feel a googlin' comin' on...