July 8th, 2006

baby pony

fairwell to fairs?

i'm busier n' a tick on smack this weekend..

chuckvideo and i kicked off friday night netflixing 'midnight cowboy' which i highly recommend, btw. why, oh WHY, had i NEVER seen this movie???? (save a short scene of 'rizzo' and 'joe' walking in NYC) this oversight is almost unnerving to me, as i'm surely qualified to be a card carrying dustin hoffman groupie and/or stalker...or, at the very least his nanny, and i don't even *do* kids...buuuuut, i digress. truly, if you haven't seen it, do, if only to witness a trippy 'easy rider'-ish druggie/party scene with a pre-wheezing brenda vaccaro.

and today i notched another montrose artwalk in my belt....the heat was oppressive and the crowd non-existent. thanks to chuck and his folks for dropping by and keeping me company, otherwise, i'm afraid i'd be the very first montrose artwalk artist to lie down and take a nappy nap. (that is...after the milk and saltines, of course!) yes, right there in the middle of honolulu blvd. in a bed of jacaranda blossoms. now THAT'S an art happening montrose could've used. methinks my montrose fair days are coming to a quiet close and veeeeeery soon. i'm grateful for the people i've met and connections i've made, but i think it's time to either massively cut back my participation or move on altogether and focus my energies in other venues.

sunday i'll be facing another round of poker for another shot at an L.A. solo show. yup. this is where the men get separated from the babies.....and let's hope (for my sake) the babies win.