July 9th, 2006

is it art?

alright....whoooooo killed the baby?!?!?!

well, i gave it the ol' college try today, playing for a solo show at the i-5 in downtown L.A......buuuuuuut, i got snuffed....oh yeah, we're talkin' fucked in the drive-thru..it was a blood bath massacre alright. you can almost SEE me savoring my last moments on earth (above, far left) beh, whadya gonna do? james' pair of 7's took my pair of 3's in an all in bet. but, you know what? i'm actually o.k. with it. i thought i would be all upset about 'losing.' you see....i come from a family of 7, and you guessed it, i was the baby....and when my siblings pulled out a box from our mountain of milton bradley games in the basement wash room....my heart would just sink.

i hated the competition....

and you know why?
because 9 outta 10 times, i lost.

but, this 'game' was different.

i feel like i won.
because i beat myself...

i could've easily folded....given myself all sorts of excuses why i shouldn't even take the chance in the first place.

so, yeah,
i met some pretty cool people, learned about a game i actually enjoy playing now(??), and can say i was involved in something far and away from ordinary.

yup....i guess i'm a happy loser.