July 13th, 2006

baby pony

elevated thinking..

dreams are but the dessert the mind gives us when our day brain is too starved to play..

i awoke this morning after more of an 'experience,' than a dream.

i met someone i already knew, but after many years of knowing and acknowledging each other we finally decided to declare our friendship.

suddenly the flood gates opened. we rushed to say everything we ever wanted to say to each other...things we were too afraid to ask and tell before.

to celebrate, we decided to go to an old fashioned movie theatre together and watch a classic film. we found a very old elevator and walked toward it. as we crossed the threshold my friend looked at me and said..

'it's as though our hearts and souls were connected all this time, but we never knew it until today.'

then, out of nowhere a crowd descended. the elevator was packed, but they just kept coming. my friend and i got separated when a group wiggled in a mattress, of all things. the elevator jerked, then snapped, then finally gave way, plummeting to the ground. i woke up with a half smirk on my face, wondering two things:

1. why had my brain chosen to torture me this morning?
2. did we use the mattress to cushion our fall?
walk this way

beetle juice

just got back from my junk walk..
where i narrowly missed getting squashed by a silver beetle.
um...yeah....the car kind.

the weird thing is (and don't tell chuck or my mom),
i almost got a rush from it.
and as if that wasn't enough to fruck with my mind, kate bush's 'pull out the pin' was playing on my ipod at the time- lyrics here.

i think i'll refrain from using the chop saw today..