August 25th, 2006

is it art?

join the eva-lution!

well, i'm back from our whirlwind trip to portland, and have so much more to process, both visually and mentally, but i wanted to share my thoughts on eva lake's latest exhibit while it's still up at augen..

artwork by eva lake

having only been familiar with eva's work via the web, i was expecting to walk in to her latest show with (at the very least) heightened senses and quite possibly (at the very most) an upset stomach....kinda like standing in line waiting to ride the newest sky scraping, bone chilling roller coaster at your favorite amusement park. that might not sound like much of a compliment to most artists, but something tells me eva thrives on drawing out the most monumental reactions from her intensely dramatic actions. this is no wall flower, folks - and neither are her paintings. they practically leap off the walls, ready to engulf anyone brave enough to cross their path, creating a tension both disconcerting and magically suspenseful. the buzzing vibration these works create is palpable, taking the viewer to another place, another time, another passage way to an unknown universe. they're both intensely deep and intoxicating, much like the artist herself.

eva describing her work during our visit wednesday night

some have placed eva in the op art category...noting her minimal geometric compositions and dramatic hard edged color relationships. but, her paintings are created by hand. no tape, no airbrushes. just good old fashioned oil paint and elbow grease. these paintings are full of imperfections, but of the human kind, making them anything BUT lifeless machine made op art things. so, i guess what i'm getting at is this....eva lake HAS no category. she doesn't fit into a neatly packaged store bought description, which can only mean one thing....the art world is just gonna have to learn to sit back, pull down the safety bar, hold on to their hats and let the new eva-lution unfold.

meanwhile, i wanna go on the ride again...can i, can i, can i, can i, can i, can i, can i?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

eva and me talking with our hands at chambers yesterday

augen gallery
817 s.w. 2nd
portland, OR 97204
hours: mon-sat 10:30-5:30
show runs through aug. 29