September 14th, 2006


late night moolah

our good friend ian is working on the show midnight money madness on's actually kind of fun to watch, especially since ian is yoinked in front of the camera for the occasional comedic twist. just look for the cool dude sporting the headset and infectious laugh...yup, that'd be ian * beam* that's our boy..
baby pony

goin' solo

baby smith
'heap no. 84' (fat of the land series)
mixed media and found objects on altered book cover

so, i'm about at the halfway mark framing out my latest body of work for my solo show at chambers in portland, oregon this december. i've worked myself into a nice little rhythm...cutting, gluing, clamping, repeat....all the while, managing to churn out even more collages fit for the exhibit. i was encouraged to find out 2 of my pieces currently on view at the gallery sold last week. hopefully, it's a sign of good things to come. i really feel indebted to these people for believing in me. they're taking a chance on a non-local, and i need all the fairy dust i can a few ounces more.
baby pony


more and more...i'm thinking of my artwork as offspring..the things i've created to pass on, to live on, after i am no longer.

often i feel remorse after selling a piece that struck a cord with me. almost as if i knew they were destined for become doctors, scientists, maybe even presidents. i adopted them out, hesitating, only because they were the perfect child. the one who excelled and made friends easily...but, in the end i had no place for them anymore. they served their purpose for me while making them. i learned great things about life...achieving perfection through imperfection...tapping the inner source of why i exist....finding a door i can walk through and hoping to see another door at the end of the tunnel...eternity...but, there's a time when you have to let things go (in my case art things) much like sending a child off to college and encouraging them to blossom and spread their joy to others without hoarding or sheltering them from this..not so forgiving world.

and then....there are artworks that are just plain not fit to live. they're aborted, thrown in the trash with last night's take-out. if they lived...they would be told things like, 'WHY couldn't you be MORE like your older brother?!?!?!?!' and 'i gave you EVERYthing...i SACRiFiCED....i worked day in, day out for you, fingers to the bone....and STiLL you treat me like THiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiS?!?!?!?!?!' but, these kids teach us more than we acknowledge. they show us that life isn't always a bed of roses...that you must experience the bad in life to feel the good.

ultimately, it all comes down to...
i just wanna see my children in a show, stand up, clap and yell...

THAT'S MY BOY....THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!! i'm so proud of YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!