September 30th, 2006

baby pony

dream a little dream

i feel like my dreams have been the topic of choice of late..and maybe it's because in a lot of ways my dreams are way more exciting than my actual life..

but, for the last 4, maybe 5 nights in a R O W i've had fleeting dreams with my ex husband. noooooo, not T H O S E kinda dreams. inconsequential dreams...hell, i'd be hard pressed to even recall any of them in great detail. he just appeared, was there for a moment, then left. and understand, i have no animosity toward him. in fact, we left our marriage on good terms. well, as good as they CAN be under the circumstances. we email each other at most 3, maybe 4 times a year...mostly talking about how 15 year old jozee the dog is holding up. but, even that's subsided a bit. he married shortly after our parting (to a woman with two children) and subsequently had a baby not long after that. i moved to california, fell madly in love with chuck and so, our contact with one another grew less and less. we both went our separate ways, but i've never forgotten what he means to me and what lessons were learned from our time together.

so, why am i having these dreams? why now?

and while we're on the topic...why do i consistently have dreams about ditching high school math class (which i NEVER DiD, btw) and failing to graduate because of it?

oi. freud would have a heyday with me.
baby pony


k. is it just me or...

does anyone else on this planet feel compelled to add ANYthing to a bowl of cereal before eating it? i have my grandma to blame for this, at least partially, for she was the one who mixed cereal with other cereals...and nine times out of ten had nothing but sour milk to accompany it (because, after all, if it doesn't kill you, it's still gooooooood)

*oh, and here's a tip....she also poured the milk BEFORE introducing the cereal, as to minimize the soakage. hellooooo, can YOU say depression era?!?!?!?!

i, for one, can not, WiiiiiLL not, ingest said boxed good without mixing it with another boxed good (transbrand o.k.), throw fruit on top, or at the very least stir in plain non-fat yogurt.

and just in case you're wondering...YEEEEES, i don't mind if my food touches on the plate! it rolls around in the belly like that,, yah? so, who am i to circumvent inevitability?!?!?!?!