October 27th, 2006

baby boo

mmmm...i taste good.

i just gave our 15 year old (deaf AND nearly blind) dog, jozee, a treat. i held out my hand with kibble (prescription, mind you!) placed center in palm....she then most timidly nibbled on my index and middle finger, salt seeker that she is...hey! she is, after all, her mama's doggie.

i do so love that girl, despite her dwindling senses and weakness of bladder..
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baby pony

fuck filtered..

things aren't going so good tonight...
but, that's not so out of the ordinary.

i'll be better in the morning...just like always.

so. all's good.

i heard a TV commercial with a carole king song and i ran out to the studio to play the whole 'tapestry' album straight through. that'll make things better...i know it will. it's gotta.

i'm just feeling so empty lately.
i just hope i die fuller.

please, oh goddess, please.
that's all i want.
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