October 31st, 2006

is it art?

pixeled out..

images from the upcoming 2007 baby smith 'fat of the land' collage calendar

i've been a slave to my computer of late...mostly making website updates galore, and designing my upcoming 2007 wall calendars (sample thumbnails above and below) i'm excited because for the past 2 years i've been publishing, printing and mailing all my calendars myself, but this year decided to pass the buck to lulu.com. they'll be in charge of printing, payment transactions and distribution, which takes a HUGE load off me. plus, the quality will improve vastly, as i only had a measly ink jet printer for my last offerings. and the best part is, they'll only cost $17.95 (+shipping)!!!!!

images from the upcoming 2007 baby smith photobooth inspired collage calendar

i'll be giving more purchasing information soon..