December 3rd, 2006

baby pony

art on the town..

took in a fair amount of openings last night in culver city with chuck, ian and madison. i dare say we spent more time on the road getting there, than actually taking in art..but, such is life in L.A. come to think of galleries just might be the next wave..(you heard it here first!)

madison and me at george billis

at our first pit stop, george billis, we ran into my favorite rock star art buddy, carol es. i usually prefer ending our nights at this gallery because it seems much more intimate than many of the other venues. the art never seems to disappoint either, which usually leaves me feeling the hour+ commute was actually worth it.

ian, madison, and chuck, taking in some serious kul-chuh at george billis

we also checked out the walter maciel gallery, taylor de cordoba, sixspace and lightbox (who also happened to have a live band and an honest to goddess kegger in the adjoining jello shots, though, i was bummed)

my favorite stop was gallery revisited, in silverlake (minus the parking, which was a bear and a half) wound up buying some very affordable art to give as gifts (or not?)....and unlike culver city, we had a bigger variety of places to eat afterward. one of the mexican joints even had armed guards out front...gave me that warm, fuzzy down home sorta feelin'. aaaahh...nothin' says home cookin' like a pistol packin' bouncer to greet you with a face only mama could love..
is it art?

for immediate release:

calling all portlanders..(and those lucky enough to have lear jets) my solo show opening reception with chambers is this thursday from's free and open to the public, so come on down, sip some wine and take in some serious kul-chuh with me...

-baby smith