December 11th, 2006

baby pony

baby smith on art star radio - TODAY!

i'll be the featured guest on eva lake's artstar radio tonight. trust me folks, eva's the real artstar here...i've been stalking following her for a long time now. reading her online diary, viewing her photomontage work and paintings, and e-chatting all the while. so, when she asked me to be on her show, i nearly shot through the roof. it was a complete honor to sit down with her in chambers last week to discuss all things art.

baby smith
'heap no. 90' (fat of the land series)
found objects on altered book cover

so, to tune in today, go here (5:00pm pacific/standard time) to view images of my work while listening, you can go here, here, or here.

and if you miss it tonight, i'll be up on the archives for 6 weeks. (dec 11th broadcast)

and if ya REALLY wanna get freaky deaky and have some serious sensory overload...tune in here to watch me live listening to my unlive self....and wishing i'd been born with kathleen turner's voice.

*note to college students everywhere: optional drinking game can also be played during the broadcast...just take a shot everytime you hear me say the word 'like.' that is, of course, if you don't mind having your stomach pumped afterward..

enjoy the show!