December 14th, 2006

baby pony

that's my chuckie...he's MY 'dreamboy'

chuck and i attended a private screening of 'dreamgirls' last night..the film is jam packed with elaborate costumes, magical dance numbers and powerful vocals. jennifer hudson (of american idol fame) clearly stole the show. so, i suspect this film will garner many awards..

but, any nods given to this film should go to those behind the camera, also. as plastic as this town seems sometimes, i've met some of the nicest people during these events...the personal assistants, gaffers, stand-ins, you name it, right down to the craft service people. and most everyone that crosses chuck's path gives out a hearty 'CHUCK!!!' this doesn't surprise me, though, as chuck is about as 'UN-hollywood' as they get.

so, go see this film, and honor those that helped make it happen. take an extra few minutes at the end and watch the credits roll by..