January 20th, 2007

minty fresh

bodily functions

chuckvideo at billy galaxy, portland, oregon, 2006

maybe i enjoy taking shots of feet because i don't have the guts to pan up north. actually though, i think it's because most people become way too conscious of 'the camera' once you point it directly at them. non-facial regions of the body can express just as much, if not more about the true nature of a person..
baby pony

giant robot!

gr2 gallery, los angeles, 2007

geez louise, THiS looks like a fun place..found it online this morning while researching local galleries...GAWD, you'd think i'd know them by now, but this town is chock full of 'em! but, this gallery seems progressive, hip, low key and kinda quirky...and any gallery that has a webcam is near and dear to MY heart, no matter what their specialty.

i'll have to put this on my list of places to visit...and although i can't make the opening tonight, i'll be watching the webcam (link on the upper right side of their website). oooooh yeah...and i'll prolly watch in the buff, too. not for kinky reasons, really...but, given the choice to breathe or not to breathe...i choose the former.


did i mention my boyfriend works in the film industry?

weeeeeell, he does.

and do i MiiiiiiiND that he's shooting multiple girl-type figures in various 'come hither poses' on closed sets?


weeeell, naw. not really.
i just laugh, mostly.
smoke and mirrors, that's all it is..