March 4th, 2007

baby pony


i recently heard from my art friend, davmo. (shown left. he's also on myspace) he asked me to participate in an installation piece he's working on for his next show, happening this june at the jaffe arts center in norfolk, va. this was especially happy news for me since davmo hasn't produced art in 2 years. after the sudden death of his baby boy, alex, in april of 2005, davmo fell into a funk for which he told me he might never return.

davmo wrote me about a year after alex's passing, informing me of his family's tragedy and sharing a very strange connection that tied me to his situation. he stumbled upon my journal months after alex died and noticed this entry, which happened to be on the day of alex's burial (unbeknownst to me, of course) it seems davmo had all sorts of these 'signs' that spoke to him after his son was taken from him.

this information saddened me not only because of my eerie connection to this morbid event, but i realized a great artist might die of a broken heart, unable to muster the will to do what he's obviously put on this earth to do: create. (artwork by davmo, shown right)

as part of the exhibition, he asked those affected by this tragic turn of events to submit a self portrait holding nothing but a glass of water. these collected photos will then be placed behind a pedestal holding one glass of water. i'm not exactly sure what the glass of water symbolizes for davmo, but i'm sure it's up for interpretation. will the glass of water be replenished after each day, or left to slowly evaporate and thus, mark time? i'm both honored and humbled to be a small part of this upcoming show, and would love to attend, although i'm on opposite coasts. below is my contribution..