March 19th, 2007


band of dreams..

again with the dreams!

last night a band called the bishops invaded my dreams. i sneaked aboard their tour bus after becoming smitten with one of the singers...when they discovered me stowed in their trunk, they decided to let me stay.

after a quick google this morning, i found out such a band really exists. it appears they've made quite a splash in their native U.K. they've got sort of a moody blues, beatles, devo, duane eddy thing goin' on. and their new video is pretty cheeky, too.....who knows, maybe one day i'll hitch a ride on their american tour least i can say they appeared on MY dream first!
baby pony

es-pecially good

definitely the highlight of last weekend...

sometimes....noooo, most times, i need a few days to decompress and process events that matter to me. such is the case with last saturday.

i've been looking forward to carol es's latest offering for quite some time now (on view at george billis thru april 14th)....last year about this time chuck and i paid a visit to carol's studio and were lucky enough to witness her at work on her newest project, a 2nd book, entitled 'all done but none.' i knew whatever it was to be, it would be something great. humorous, provocative and nothing short of poignant, much like the artist herself.

artwork by carol es

unlike most shows, i had to leave, then come back, because i experienced a bit of overwhelm. not only because i was bashful about horning in on carol's constant reception line, but the sheer power and vulnerability behind her latest work seemed the most intense i had viewed since knowing her. her work is highly charged with narratives of past family traumas, specifically involving rape and abuse. and although some viewers may not relate to this explosive subject matter, it pulls you evokes, stirs, incites.....much like the cry for help carol so desperately wanted people to hear so long ago.

but, beyond the drama, there is this whimsical child behind the art that carol never let go. and this is why i love her so much. she's able to laugh at life, no matter what shit is thrown her way. bravo carol....we love you!

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