April 4th, 2007

baby pony

dog's eye view..

it's scary sometimes.....just how much chuck and i are truly meant for one another. we've been 'starring' in our own reality based shows for the past 8 years (5 of which were spent together)

but, now.....even our 16 year old doggie, jozee, is in on the action, as seen via chuck's remote dog cam. she actually doesn't sleep as much as we previously thought, as she's constantly hopping up and down from her bed..yeeeees, her own full sized FUTON bed *sigh* (i'm convinced this is why she'll undoubtedly be the longest living dog EVER)....anyway, this activity is followed by constant pacing, chewing of toes, licking of private parts, and barking....usually at walls and inanimate objects. it's fun to peek in on her while i'm tucked away in the studio...i'd take her in with me as i work, but, it only drives us both up the wall, as she wants a treat every six seconds, and i just want a little zen time.

don't be surprised if chuck rigs up a turtle cam in the near future....now THAT'S entertainment.