April 6th, 2007

baby pony

fem art

artwork by alfred stieglitz, 'georgia o'keeffe'

with all the buzz surrounding feminist art now, as seen in various thematic shows cropping up, like MOCA's latest survey WACK! (which i have yet to see, but will) and the constant dialog amongst such activists like anonymous female artist and eva lake....i got to thinking....just what IS feminist art?

i've never considered myself feminist, although i'm all for advancing equality between sexes. but, when it comes to my art....i'm not thinking 'gender' when i make the stuff. hell, i don't even know if you can really TELL if a man or a woman made it. does it smack of femininity?....rage against the oppression of a male dominated society? i just don't know...and maybe i'm too close to it to even see.

i do know that i can name a helluva lot more male artists than female, which is my own damned fault. but, i found a great site, authored by michael delahunt, upon googling 'feminist art.' there's a ton of information and a gob of links..

"in my heart, i think a woman has two choices: either she's a feminist or a masochist."
gloria steinhem (1934-), american feminist writer.
baby pony

i'm rubber, you're glue..

random thought 1,234,969...

reba kelly...one of the many bullies i encountered throughout my life-hood....i just thought of her now, don't ask me why. it was just one of those 'wonder what they're up to' type moments.

anyway....reba lived on the outskirts of town...near our local bowling alley. i actually thought this was kinda cool at the time. whenever mom whisked us past this barn red farm like house on our way to league bowling, i thought about her...reba....and how much she scared me....and yet, intrigued me. reba, you see, was the classic bully....she roamed the halls piercing everyone's gaze with her killer evil eye. her claim to fame was her ability to consume a common household product: white glue. she not only ingested it....she hungrily ate it, like a porn star gulping down a stud's money shot...or so i'm told. i never witnessed this act of shear insane bravado...but, i believed it. like a legend that passes through the ages and seeps into your veins, a cancer that takes root and spreads...reba was making history. even though it was a small town in iowa, to me, reba was more famous than any hollywood starlet, past or present.

it's weird. reba never laid a hand on me....but, she could've. i was weak, ugly and susceptible. but, i think...and this is just pure conjecture here...but, i think she spared me for one reason:

i felt her pain.