April 16th, 2007

baby pony


i've only been watching the past 2 seasons of "american idol"..and it's not something i'm necessarily proud to advertise, much less the fact i'm usually parked with my fat ass on our cushy bed whilst eating any given meal during these viewings. whatever i'm watching, though, be it "meet the press" or "america's next top model," i always feel like i should be doing something more productive with my time. but, for some odd reason this show has really captivated me. after all, it's a part of the nation's fabric, a modern icon, having survived 6 seasons...and as superficial as it seems, it clearly portrays what's going on in the here and now.

last night, out of the sky blue, i decided to google kelly clarkson, the 1st season winner...i watched a bunch of her videos, thinking i would be turned off....but, i kept scrolling down after each one to watch the next.

my favorite of the night was an impromptu live clip from a 'metal skool' concert, featuring kelly swigging whiskey and singing BETTER than any of the hard rock boys on stage. and after a few more clips, i learned kelly preferred going 'comando' rather than wearing her whitey tighties.....weeeeeell, now...schmack...i must admit, i professed my undying love for her, right then and there.

i do have my favorites in this season's crop, but after culling through the various bios listed on the "american idol" site, i have to say my all time favorite is now jordin sparks. she's only 17, but FULL of fire, and unlike her rivals, lakisha (who always looks slightly drugged and rubber mouthed) and melinda (who's overplayed her 'modest card' ad nauseam) doesn't say 'god this or god that' every other word. jordin, on the other hand, just looks like a good, fresh kid with a great set o'pipes....and i might just pick up the phone and vote for her next week.....even though i'm convinced the higher ups in this reality based industry make ALL the decisions, irregardless of all the call in votes...

hey, lakisha and melinda!!!!....looks like i just found you a NEW GOD!!! praise the lawd!!!!

p.s. my other fave is blake lewis.....if nothin' else, to get his loooooong list of favorite male artists..