April 20th, 2007

baby pony

good will to others

spent a million and a 1/2 hours today perusing my local goodwill store. i usually pay them a visit when i'm feeling extra bloaty or just in need of a wardrobe refresh. gotta say, in all my days of scrounging, L.A. has THE best 2nd hand stores on EARTH. they're filled with designer clothes that appear to have been worn once or never.

today i scored some skirts and a couple o'shirts. the kids t-shirt aisle is my fave...it's usually full of campy homemade'esque, retro and sports related stuff (numbers on the back of t-shirts RULE) anyway, after trying on about 20 gah-fillion pairs of jeans, i decided i'm more of a skirt kinda gal. it doesn't matter what size or style of pant i try to synch up my legs....they either make me look like a 2 bit whoe or a PTA mother of 4.