April 24th, 2007

baby pony

scenes from an art opening..

had a great time last saturday at the cactus gallery 'found' opening...we were packed in like sardines, which was no surprise really, since 50 artists are represented in this very cool show (what i could see of it anyway!) i'll be back to inspect it more next week with our friend brooke, and no doubt leave with more merchandise.

l-r: me, jon and chuckvideo

thanks to chuck for taking most of these pictures...i was too busy boozin' and buyin' i guess? and thanks to all those that came out to say hi and see some art things!!

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baby pony

davmo.... a little bit mo'

baby's retaining water..

just thinkin' of my pal davmo and wishing i could be at his opening in virginia this june. every time i get stressed and think, 'oh my GAWD....i have SO much to DO!'.....i think of dear dav....and how MUCH he's been through and how much MORE he has to go through.

the above picture was almost submitted to be included in one of davmo's upcoming installations. i like it because it's very 'band on the runnish.', but sadly, it didn't make the cut, due mostly to sober 2nd thoughts on my part.

if you're anywhere in virginia (i'm jealous beyond beLiEF), and i hope you attend this opening at the jaffe arts center and check out this show..i really, REALLY wanna be there. more than any of my art openings combined...