April 28th, 2007

baby pony

double dipping

just got back from the i-5 gallery downtown, where mat gleason's curating an upcoming group show fundraiser. i was as nervous as a monkey on crack, waiting to greet mat with my offerings. gotta say though, it takes great balls o'fire to meet with artists face to face and tell them yea or nay, esPECIALLY, when you already know each other and have a quasi relationship. thankfully, my work made the cut and i'll be in the show and contributing to a great cause at the same time.


only thing is, the opening's the same night as my 3-person show with Launa Romoff and Natasha Kostan at THE SOURCE on Lake. (may 12th) if only i had an identical twin or clone?!! i don't think i've ever had dual openings in the history of my entire career, so i'll count that as an all time best....or at the very least a 'crazy coincidence.'

so anyway, back to the i-5 meeting.....i took a huge gulp after being accepted and asked if mat had reviewed my recent collage show proposal...and nearly poopied my pants when he said it was a great proposal and that it's gonna come down to logistics (timeline, show theme, etc.) and getting the final green light from the board of the brewery. he gave me a 90% shot of making the cut.