May 8th, 2007

baby pony

lip service

one cannot escape the bombardment of mass consumerism on the internets...this, i know. it's part of the fabric of our capitalist existence. but, do we REALLY NEED to see images of people with obvious airbrushed 'before and after pictures' of cellulite, crow's feet and volcanic zits while surfing, paying bills and checking e-mail?!!!

just ONCE i'd like to see someone parody these infomercial-esque ads....mix it up a show a 'before picture' of an old dog and an 'after picture' of angelina jolie. SOMETHiNG...ANYTHiNG to get my mind off of feeling less than perfect. i mean we truly need hundred dollar anti wrinkle creams, 6 pack abs and an at home real estate job that pulls in 6 figures a month without barely lifting a finger?

everybody wants a quick fix (myself included!).....'get rich, lose weight, be happy in 30 days or less or your money back-GUARANTEED!!!!!!'

k, i have to sign off now....time to go buy stuff or something....HEEEEEEEEEY....i AM from the U. S. A. after all??!!!!! (ULTRA SUPERFiCiAL and ASiNiNE)