May 27th, 2007

baby pony


had a chat with friend launa romoff about sharing artist secrets a few weeks back. i, for one, have no problems spilling my guts. i don't mind sharing my knowledge with others, especially knowing they might return the favor. karma, it's a good thing...

not that i have the best kept secrets of the trade....but, when people ask, i offer what i can. hell, they might even come up with even better methods and reciprocate. after all, i'm only here for a short while, i may as well try to teach and learn from others while i still have the energy.

so, today....after many months of trying to find a suitable replacement for clear 'liquid nails' in the tube, (which appears to be off the market) i finally stumbled upon a glue called, 'shoe goo.' so far, i'm pretty jazzed. it has a liberal drying time and seems to be curing quite solidly. for a diehard assemblage/collage artist this might just be good as gold.

disclaimer: please note this product states its contents may cause cancer.......but, what DOESN'T these days?!!