May 29th, 2007

baby pony

listen to the radio...

i am beyond ecstatic about eva lake's new national online art show,'the art world.' (due to premiere tomorrow at 3pm pacific/standard time)....her line-up looks nothing short of stellar, including future guests such as charlie finch, senior art critic for artnet & co-editor of coagula: most art sucks and nancy baker, artist and contributing writer for the anonymous female artist., to name a few.

this is a call in show, which seems rare given the vulnerability that surrounds the art world. artists (as well as critics) are quick to express themselves within their own elements (or perhaps anonymously), but might feel threatened to expose their 'true' feelings in a more unstructured, public forum. we'll see.....bridges can so easily be burned in this industry, but many a bridge can be built....and i say eva lake's just the engineer to accomplish that task.