May 31st, 2007

baby pony


i've been looking through old photos the past several days....and for some reason all my 'pammy' photos are getting to me. like i can't look at them without crying rivers...memories are flooding my the time we went to 'skate-land' and i was crushed when she told me she was moving out of town for the first time to live with her ass-hole boyfriend, jim.....and when we rode the city bus together to go christmas shopping one year....and then the countless times she knocked at my window to let her in at 4am after a long night of working (and probably partying?) at the local bar......and it was pam that i slept with when thunderstorms scared the fuck out of me.

pammy's 10 years older than me, which probably explains why i idolized her from the get go. my mom always said they adopted a girl so pam would finally have a sister.....but deep down, i think they adopted ME so *i* could have a sister.....and to this day i'm forever grateful.

pammy's been through rough times.....abusive boyfriends, single motherhood, etc. but, she always seemed to bounce back. she'll forever be my hero and i love her dearly.