June 11th, 2007

baby pony

art things...

it's funny.... how a simple studio visit can inspire the cleaning side in me. ooooooooh, we're not talkin' martha stewart clean here (chuckvideo can surely attest to THAT)....it's more like, 'just shy of sanford and son.'

i collect. it's what i do. junk is the pulp of my product....so, naturally, my quarters can get a bit cramped at times. and when people come to visit, it's motivation to purge once again. because, really folks, i'll find it all over again....makes no difference to me.

so, who's coming to my studio, you ask?

i'm proud to announce it's jeffrey crussell from crussell fine arts. he saw my pieces on view currently at the i-5 and wants to see more.

needless to say, i'm a wee jittery. especially considering i've been picked to be featured as their 'july artist.'

and yeeeeeeees, just so ya know.....i'll be referring to myself as 'miss july' from here on in...