July 30th, 2007

walk this way

accidentally speaking

somewhere i heard most accidents happen less than 3 miles away from your home. well, i was pretty much almost run over a few minutes ago coming back from a junk walk....only a quarter of a mile from home.

i stopped at an intersection, a car stopped across the street from me and paused. figuring they were polite and knew i had the right of way, i started to walk across the street. this car then pulls out and turns RiGHT in my path, almost as if i was a target. i saw the lady's face as she was coming straight for me. no expression....nothing. i was completely invisible. she slammed on her breaks (and it's a good thing too, cuz i had no exit strategy) and came to a screeching halt not more than a foot away from me. and i just looked at her, flung my arms up and yelled, 'Whaaaaat, WHY?!!'

she cranked her window down (white female, in her 60's?) and said, 'sweetie, i'm so sorry, i didn't SEE you there...'

so, i'm thinking to myself, 'you MUST be legally blind oooooor drive with your head up your ass.....cuz it's broad daylight honey, and i'm a full sized human being, swinging my arms and moving my legs right in front of you!!! WHAT'S NOT TO SEE?!!'

but, the only thing that came out of my mouth was.....'you scared the HHHELL out of me.'