August 1st, 2007

baby pony backward

i've been thinking about what makes me truly happy in this life.

here are a few things....

1. calling my best friend and leaving a message that makes her email me back the next day with the subject title: 'haha.'

2. looking frantically for found objects i thought i had in the studio closet (but, then realized i purged them months ago) and thought....'oh, well, i'll find more.'

3. watching our 16 year old doggie as she flips her pegs in her dreamy sleep....chasing that wascally wabbit.

4. feta cheese.

5. missing a friend and calling them and telling them i wished i could've been chumming with them the other night, instead of a total stranger.

6. dunking my head in our pool and pretending to swim like esther.

7. getting a postcard from my hero, robin.

i could go on.....really, i could.
baby pony

goddess help me....

just finished watching 'the wedding date' on TiVO.

i.......(deep breath) *gulp* liked it.
yyyyyyyess i said it.
but, please whatever you do, do NOT tell a soul.

i am SO ashamed.

honestly, i think it's only cuz i wanna bag both debra AND dermot.

and really, is that SSSSOOOOO wrong?!!